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Start Monetizing Your Music in as little as 3 days!

Are you an emerging singer songwriter or artist who is ready to launch your music career?

Are you easily overwhelmed by all that you have to do as an independent artist?

Are you having trouble raising funds to release your music?

Do you feel under valued and underpaid for the music you release and would like to bring in more money with your music in as little as three days?

If you answered yes to these questions, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

Welcome to my coaching Page.

I'm thrilled you're here:-). I'm Ebi Oginni, I'm a music business coach for emerging artists. I help them come up with a personalised plan so they can quickly and confidently go on to have a fulfilling and profitable career.

I get hired to teach artists how to take giant strides in their music career without feeling overwhelmed and without wasting time and money!

I love being informed. I hate floundering and I know you feel the same. Since I started in the music business, I have been on a journey to amass as much information and knowledge as I can on how to go about building my career independently. And the first lesson I earned is- You can't figure it all out on your own. We all need help. With the help I got, I went from knowing next to nothing about the music business to releasing my first album, and 3 of the singles making the top 5 contemporary gospel tracks on the UK Christian charts, while building a successful coaching career.

Monetize Your Music in 3 days

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Benefit 1

Learn how to earn 30x what you would normally get in stream revenue. I'll show show you with my example how to do it

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Benefit 2

Learn mindset shifts that will empower you to confidently earn income with your music

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Benefit 3

Learn how to monetise your unreleased music as well, while growing your audience.


"I have been on a number of similar courses to this, however, Ebi offers valuable insights and ideas I haven't heard before. She covers basic mindsets, challenges negative belief systems, and dives into ways of presenting music in a much deeper way than I have heard before, with unique ideas that are actually fun to create. Her ideas add a lot of value to a song or collection of music to be able to bundle them up together for a complete experience for the audience, or sell separately for a more passive income. Ebi not only lays down the action steps to take, but also instructs you where and how to create it. She gives valuable content ideas that are useful for creating multiple streams of income. I found the information in this course to be unique and helpful and would recommend to any artist wanting to ramp up their effectiveness."

— Sharon